The cloud software Panther Pricing generates automated price recommendations for retailers. Panther Pricing helps retailers to significantly improve their profit margings and revenues (gross margin increase of up to 5% points of revenues). With the help of artificial intelligence, we can answer the key questions regarding optimal price reduction and generate gross profit-optimized prices – customized for each retailer, for each item.


  • The intelligent way of digitization – Panther Pricing – enables better decisions to be made regarding an optimal reduction of gross profit.
  • Price elasticity and impact patterns of reductions we determine the impact of reductions, taking into account all factors that have a significant impact.
  • Data Pooling Concept– we enable every retailer (regardless of size) to benefit from data analysis quality that used tob e reserved to the largest retailers in the industry only
  • We have transformed our extensive Big Data analytics expertise into an easy to implement and intuitive to use tool for every retailer at minimal costs – our subscription price for small businesses starts from 200€ per month
  • Entire Automation of Price Labelling – in combination with ESL systems we can fully automate the entire price reduction process down to the POS


+ 3-6% Gross profit Reduction of price markdowns
+ 5% Sales Increase in sales
- 15% Inventory Reduction of final inventory levels

price management for the retail trade

Panther Pricing enables you to make the right pricing decisions

Full system integration: interface connection and return of the verified price recommendations to your ERP system

Optimal price reduction recommendations to achieve your inventory targets levels

Independent of retail sectors and company size

Significant simplification of the entire process of price markdowns

Simple and intuitive usage

Developed with and for retailers

Satisfaction guarantee

How do I benefit from using PANTHER PRICING?

Increased calculation through automated price reduction

  • No gross profit losses due to unnecessarily high price reductions
  • No failure to meet final inventory targets due to insufficient reductions
  • Exclusive reduction of "problematic" articles - no unnecessary loss of gross profit

Cost reduction by increasing the efficiency of the entire reduction process

  • Automated performance and inventory analysis
  • Automated sales forecasting
  • Automated identification of slow moving items
  • Automated generation of ideal price proposals

Improved liquidity

  • Increased rate of inventory turnover
  • Reduction of average inventory levels

Our digital price labeling systems - the new Fashion Hang tags

ESL and Panther Pricing - Digitalize price labeling now
Electronic Shelf Labels und digitale Preisschilder


Optimize your profits & processes
Full system compatibility

both systems are fully integrated

Doubling of profits

ESL doubles the Panther Pricing effect

Streamlining of processes

Automation of price labeling up to the POS


ERP - Systems

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About Us

The focus of retail digitization must be on the intelligent analysis and processing of available data. Based on these considerations, we started the conceptual development of Panther Pricing back in 2015 and founded Panther Solutions in February 2018.

The greatest earnings potential lies in the area of price markdown optimization. This is exactly where Panther Pricing comes in. Our software enables every retailer to make the right pricing decisions and achieve the best possible gross profits from sales.

Nils Streitbürger
Founder and Managing Director
Nils Streitbürger, founder of Panther Solutions
Nils Streitbürger
Founder and Managing Director
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