Panther Pricing Auszeichnung Retail CIO Outlook

Award for Panther Solutions: Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider in Europe.

The renowned US business magazine Retail CIO Outlook has awarded the Frankfurt based young company Panther Solutions the title

The background of the award is an annual special edition on the TOP Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers in Europe.

This award is given to those ten AI companies whose solutions are regarded by the magazine Retail CIO Outlook as particularly innovative, relevant to the market and influencing the market in the future. In an interview with founder and CEO Nils Streitbürger, Retail CIO Outlook addresses Panther Pricing’s strong focus on retailers’ needs and shows how artificial intelligence can help retailers solve one of their biggest revenue problems. The Retail CIO Outlook says: “(…) which brings to the table the price optimisation silver bullet, Panther Pricing”.

Retail CIO Outlook also addresses the innovative approach of Panther Pricing, which uses the cloud pooling concept to enable every retailer – regardless of size and industry – to use big data analyses. Until now, this has only been possible for very large retailers, since the data substance of most retailers is not sufficient to apply AI algorithms sensibly.

We are pleased that our AI based pricing solution has now received such positive attention in the USA as well. This underlines our perception that AI-based price optimization on both sides of the Atlantic is increasingly attracting the attention of retailers and will become a decisive competitive factor in the future.  With our Panther Pricing Software, we can make exactly the right offer at the right time in order to significantly optimize the profitability of the dealers and thus also ensure their competitiveness in the long term.

You can find the complete article at: Retailciooutlook.com.

Retail CIO Outlook - Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers in Europe, Artificial Intelligence Price Optimization

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