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Electronic Shelf Labels und digitale Preisschilder


Optimize your profits & processes
Full system compatibility

both systems are fully integrated

Doubling of profits

ESL doubles the Panther Pricing effect

Streamlining of processes

Automation of price labeling up to the POS

Panther Pricing and ESL SYSTEMS

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL systems) provide the ideal example for a digitization approach as the help to simplify processes, collect data and flexibly transfer information flows to the customer.

In their systemic interface function, they represent the vegetative nervous system of intelligent digitization in retail.

The superficial evaluation of ESL systems in terms of the cost-benefit ratio unfortunately often leads to a serious misjudgment by many retailers: In most cases, ESL technology is only associated with process simplification. However, there are various other significant value drivers that can quickly make an investment in ESL systems very profitable and should therefore be included in the overall assessment.

ESL systems offer the ideal synergy to the use of dynamic Pricing systems, as they enable the optimization potential to be fully exploited. Through the combined use with ESL, gross profit optimization can be doubled to approx. 5-6 %-points and the entire price labelling and reduction process in the fashion trade can be digitized. 

Electronic Shelf Labels, digitale preisschilder

Electronic Shelf Labels, digitale preisschilder

ESL systems also offer the option of integrated position localization of each item on the sales floor. Positioning-related performance evaluations enable automated and ideal repositioning recommendations. This is where an exciting value potential lies hidden, especially when combined with Dynamic Pricing systems. At Panther Solutions, we are already working on a fully integrated system solution.

The integration of customer apps offers the possibility of locating any desired article directly in the store.

The digital price labels also have integrated RFID tags, which makes an additional article surveillance redundant and enables further cost reductions.

Digital Price Labels

Digital Price Labels from Ses-imagotag

With over 150 million installed ESL systems, SES Imagotag is the global technology and market leader in digital pricing systems.

✓ E-paper Technologie

✓ 3-colours display

✓ 5 Years of battery life, battery replacement

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