New ERP-System Partner ROQQIO

Panther Solutions is pleased to introduce a new technology partner.

In order to make the application of Panther Pricing easy for the ROQQIO system users, an interface, which is optimally designed for the requirements of both systems, will be developed.

This will enable ROQQIO users to enter the world of artificial intelligence. With the help of Panther Pricing, profit-optimized prices can be generated through daily data exchange with the ERP-System in order to optimize sales and gross profits.

Three companies have joined forces as ROQQIO in 2018: Futura Retail Solutions, Höltl Retail Solutions, and eFulfilment Transaction Service, some of which have been successfully developing retail software for decades. The Group’s goal: to drive forward the digital transformation of the retail sector – this is what unites us.

ROQQIO focuses especially on its already established omnichannel expertise. This offers its customers a seamless working with a ERP-System, a POS system, an innovative mobile sales support, a self-checkout app for end customers in stationary retail stores as well as the Commerce Cloud, a backend platform for e-commerce.


We are looking forward to the partnership and to a successful collaboration.

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