Web-based user training

In a webinar, future users will learn and apply the individual functions and setting options of the software, the possibilities of data sorting and data transmission. The primary aim is to enable the user to operate the software independently. Parameter setting, background settings, focus of the two-hour training. Review of the price proposals, as well as export function into the enterprise resource planning, have been received.

Price: 350 €
Duration: 2 hrs

On site visit, training of the purchasing team

In addition to the webinar, the topic of evaluations will be discussed in more detail. The participants work on the sample tasks with the support of the workshop leader. Various case examples will be discussed and there will be room to answer individual questions in more detail.

Price: 1.000 € plus travel expenses
Duration: 6 hrs

Strategy Workshop

Our partner company Streitbürger Unternehmensberatung will work with the company management to develop a meaningful parameterization of the software for different product segments depending on the time of evaluation and the season on the basis of the company-specific conditions. In the result report of the workshop, the customer is provided with a process flow recommendation as well as a recommendation for an individually developed parameterization of the system.

Price: 2.000 € plus travel expenses
Duration: 1 day + follow-up (result report and setting of parameters)

Monitoring integration

In addition to the strategy workshop, a semi-annual and annual meeting is held to discuss the results achieved and to check/correct the parameter settings. The aim is to optimize the use of Panther Pricing (parameter settings, processes) based on the customer’s first experiences with Panther Pricing and to clarify open questions. Assistance with the integration is also provided by our partner company Streitbürger Unternehmensberatung.

Price: 3.000 € plus travel expenses
Duration: 2 days in total
David Picardi
David Picardi
Director of Sales & Marketing
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