Panther Solutions moved

heyne fabrik offenbach

The Panther Solutions team has moved to a new office!
We moved into the Heyne factory near the Kaiserlei-Kreisel (Frankfurt am Main/Offenbach).

The Heyne factory was originally built by the Heyne brothers between 1896 and 1914. It served as a “Fassondreherei Gebr. Heyne”, which produced metal screws and turning parts. In 1962 the company was sold to the Stinnes Group, which ceased production in 1968.

Today, the Heyne Fabrik is a showpiece property for conversion in the Rhine-Main region. The tenants come from creative industries such as design, advertising, architecture and fashion. The tenants also include IT, software and Internet companies. In addition to established companies, start-ups also choose the Heyne Fabrik as an image-boosting location.

You can find Panther Solutions here:
Heyne Factory
Ludwigstrasse 182A
63067 Offenbach am Main

New office in the Heyne Fabrik

Panther Pricing Büro Offenbach
heyne fabrik offenbach
heyne fabrik offenbach
heyne fabrik offenbach
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